Awaken the Entrepreneur Inside You: Step by Step Self-Employment Guide

Learn the Challenges and Secrets of Self-Employment Success

Are you thinking of leaving your day job and start a business on your own? Is the thought of doing it all by yourself daunting and challenging at the same time?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions, chances are you are seriously considering joining the ranks of the self-employed. 

Can you do it? Can you become an entrepreneur, and build a successful business?

Preflight Checklist

"Preflight Checklist" gives you a list of questions to ask yourself prior to starting your own business - to help you avoid major turbulence along your journey - much the same way a pilot goes through a preflight checklist prior to taking off.

Drawing on his experience of running a successful business and interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs, Paul E. Casey walks you through the 10 steps of thinking like an entrepreneur, dispels the 8 myths of self-employment, offers a 5-minute self-employment quiz, and much more. After you have read Preflight Checklist, you will have a clear understanding of what self-employment really means and what challenges await you once you decide to take off on your own.  

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Is Self-Employment For You?

"Is Self-Employment For You?" is designed to help you find answers to these questions. In this book, you will learn:

  • How to reassess your reasons for self-employment
  • The importance of identifying small business myths and what you can do about them
  • How to think like an entrepreneur
  • How to accurately picture the self-employment lifestyle
  • The traits of a successful small business owner
  • The pitfalls of partnerships and how to avoid them
  • And ultimately, decide if self-employment is for you

So, grab a copy and let's start answering those questions.

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"Is Self-Employment For you?"